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Dark Estate

Dark Estate Series: About The Author

Peter Werrenrath

A Christian Holst Novel

About The Author

Peter Werrenrath grew up in the Midwest: Highland Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. He once attended a life counseling seminar where the group leader asked those in the audience to raise their hand if they had a perfect childhood. Given that the attendees were all searching for something to improve their lives, odds were against anyone actually raising their hand. Peter did. The only one.

As star, stand-in, hand model and general gopher, Peter spent many of his formative years helping make 16mm educational films with his father, Reinald Werrenrath, Jr., son of the famous baritone of the '20s and '30s, Reinald Werrenrath. RW, Jr. and his wife, Elizabeth (Betty) made hundreds of nature, science and basic math and spelling films for grade school audience, distributed internationally. You can catch a few of the preserved films here.

He graduated from Highland Park High School in the late '60s. During one of those memorable years, Life Magazine did a features article on the "coddled kids of America." Perfect! Four years at the University of Illinois in beautiful Champaign-Urbana produced an Astronomy Major (B.S.) morphing into a computer programmer.

Peter spent most of his career in information technology. He has been a professional real estate investor since 1999 and a licensed REALTORĀ® in the state of California since 2009, specializing in residential income properties.

An avid photographer and videographer, Peter keeps busy both professionally and personally capturing images and video stories, posting on Facebook, YouTube and other industry channels. Marketing, Photography, Videos, Websites, Self Publishing and Freelance Writing examples can be found at

Peter is the author of the Christian Holst mystery/thriller novels, drawing on his many years and experience in real estate and information technology. His collection of short stories drawn from life experiences can be found at

In 2018, he stepped into the world of self publishing, setting up his Top Duck Productions imprint. He designed, edited and produced Southern California famed cartoonist Robert David Meyer's Snide & Guffaw trilogy featuring Skewered: Baked, Broiled and Rinsed in California Heights now available on Amazon.

Peter achieved a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Illinois in Urbana, Illinois. His interests include jazz, classical music, tech, science and detective novels.