Dark Estate

Peter Werrenrath

A Christian Holst Novel

Smart, quirky and flawed real estate agent Christian Holst is showing clients a new property. Hearing strange noises, he goes upstairs, walks into the master bedroom and discovers two agents from his office entangled in a passionate embrace.

Next day in the weekly team meeting, Christian confides to a fellow agent about what he saw over the weekend.

“Haven’t you heard?” the other agent says,

“She’s dead!”

. . .

Christian is haunted by his past, having almost singlehandedly caused the loss of millions of dollars and dozens of jobs in his prior career. Caring more about the people than the company, he is driven to make it right. And peeling back the layers of the murder mystery may lead to his redemption, or his undoing.

Suravi Patel Livingstone, Christian’s dead colleague, was a beautiful, exotic Ph.D. from Fiji. Christian and Suravi had developed an incredibly complex series of algorithms, combining the best and worst of social media, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, into a system that went horribly wrong, and threatened to destroy both the Internet and themselves.

(coming soon)