Live Examples from the Top Duck Productions Imprint

"But, Andy, we can get 15 in that booth!"

What better way to start this cartoon circus of characters than a sharp, tongue-in-cheek reference to the old clown car gag? Bake n' Broil restaurant owner Andy finds himself the butt of the joke in this featured cartoon from Skewered: Baked, Broiled and Rinsed In California Heights. The Bake n' Broil restaurant is a real, live landmark in the heart of California Heights-Bixby Knolls area, a charming, family-oriented, fun-loving section of greater Long Beach, California. It features fine comfort food, from fried chicken, pot roast, burgers and fish, to cakes and pies that are too good not to order extras for take-home. And there’s plenty of quirky entertainment from the fast and friendly staff, most of which emanates from the fertile mind of The Pen-And-Ink Poet of California Heights, Bob Meyer. The word “Rinsed” in the subtitle not so subtly refers to Bob’s beloved character, Diego, the Bake n' Broil’s real-life smash dishwasher. Let Bob loose anywhere and hijinks ensue. Notify the authorities!

"No, Willy, you can't bring your seeing eye pig in for lunch!"

In Robert David Meyer's second installment in the Snide & Guffaw series, Willy The Finn: On The Wild Side, Bob's favorite foil, Willy, is back. In the first collection, Skewered: Baked, Broiled and Rinsed in California Heights, Willy was always pestering Andy Child, the now infamous and sympathetic owner of The Bake n' Broil restaurant in Long Beach's historic California Heights District. Now, Willy (Bob's real-life grandson in name only) is branching out, making new friends, such as Zorro, Santa Claus, Gavin, Moose, Fred Mertz, Simone the Big Foot tour guide, Johnny Blotts, the arms dealing detective, and the rest of the California Heights/Bixby Knolls zoo of characters. Willy, with all his antics and flaws, strangely succeeds in keeping out of serious trouble while generating more laughs than a barrel of monkeys. Find out how when you peruse Willy The Finn: On The Wild Side. It's, well, wild!

Look for the next installment of Robert David Meyer’s Snide & Guffaw Collection coming soon: Zorro, El Guapo and Friends: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Bob’s creative mind goes into overdrive, and the cast of characters continues to grow, as do the laughs. Watch out!

"Don't ask!"

Such is the command from the bizarrely remote Commander of the equally strange Fort Yuma scene pictured in this, the third installment of the Snide & Guffaw series. Zorro, El Guapo and Friends: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? contains a brand new cast of characters from the quick and dangerous mind of Robert David Meyer. The list is too long to enumerate here, but new fan favorites include Spitz Shanker, Buster Mushman, Big Ma Ma, Chet Wellington and the infamous Zorro, a recent escapee from the real-life Rancho Los Cerritos, a beautiful protected treasure near the historic California Heights/Bixby Knolls areas of Long Beach, California.

Also skewered are local politicians (without regard to political preference), rats, sports, shrinks, musicians, clowns, pirates, witches, doughnuts, Santa, and, of course, restaurants. Willy and Andy from Robert's Skewered: Baked, Broiled and Rinsed in California Heights and Willy The Finn: On The Wild Side make brief appearances, but the new zoo of characters are the real stars.

Robert makes it all come together in Zorro, El Guapo and Friends: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Find out what's wrong right with this picture!