Born and raised in North Long Beach, son and grandson of master tile setters, Robert David Meyer was destined to become an artist and social commentator from the beginning. "Quirky" and "irreverent" don't even come close to describing Bob's humorous outlook on life, all of which comes through in his cartoon work.

Bob's lampooning pen-and-ink drawings have been compared to satirists Gahan Wilson, George Booth, Paul Conrad, Charles Addams and other acclaimed masters found in many famous national publications.

Robert David Meyer is a life-long artist, whose passion for working with his hands includes not only humorous graphics, but serious (and sometimes not so serious) award-winning oils, watercolors and mosaic tile masterpieces.

In addition to being a proud father and doting grandfather, Bob has been involved with the Boy Scouts for longer than anyone can remember.

Bob and his wife, Joan, have lived in the historic California Heights section of Long Beach for over 50 years.