Terroir Estate

Peter Werrenrath

A Christian Holst Novel

terˈwär / noun

1. The complete natural environment in which a particular wine is produced, including factors such as the soil, topography, and climate.

2. The characteristic taste and flavor imparted to a wine by the environment in which it is produced.

Christian Holst and his father are surveying damage to their winery estate in the early evening after the devastating El Niño storm when they discover a body among the debris. Blood is seeping into the ground around the vine stock.

Christian’s aging father has seen a lot of death in his 99 years, but this is more brutal than anything he has lived through before.

Worried about his elderly father, Christian tries to console him as they head back to the main estate house. They are both trembling.

Suddenly, his father cries out: “Oh my god! Do you realize what part of the vineyard we are in?”

“No, Dad. Why does it matter?”

His father’s eyes were wide open and in shock as he turned to look at Christian in the dark.

Sangiovese,” he said. “The Blood of Jove.”