Educational Films

Reinald and Betty teamed up to make over 100 educational films with nationwide distribution.  Peter was often the “star” of the movies, because he was close to the target age of the intended audience.  Dugan Rosalini took over as Reinald’s non-acting assistant when Peter went off to college.

Here are a selected few that were found in a university library.  They were about to discard the original 16 millimeter films, but were kind enough to digitize for posterity.

Please try to ignore the deteriorated video and sound quality.  You can still get a sense of his ability to communicate, and share his sense of wonder with his audience:


A Boy’s Trip to the Grand Canyon (15 min)


Language of the Mute Swan (13:35)


Instincts in Animals (11:18)


Predators and the Balance of Nature (10:09)


Rivers and Our History (11:24)


Animal Reproduction (16:34)