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Getting started with our powerful ANALYZER tool

"What If?" Analysis

The SMART Opportunity Analyzer©, a sophisticated but easy-to-use information analysis tool.

It shows you all of the default parameters and calculations that go into generating the Cash Flow, GRM, 10 Year Net Equity Gain, ROI and Doubling Year numbers that are so valuable to better investment decision making.

You can change any parameter, and it will recalculate for you. For example, try lowering the Price or raising the Rents, and watch the GRM and Cash Flow automatically improve:

SMART Information In Action


While Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM) is a quick indicator of the rent's leverage on the price of a property, we dig deeper into the analytics with our easy property evaluation tool, the SMARTiScore©.

The SMARTiScore is a composite of scoring factors allowing for quick, clear evaluation of properties. One point is given for each of the following calculated factors:

  1. Rents better than Market
  2. Positive Cash Flow
  3. Cash Flow above $500/month
  4. Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM) less than 16.5 (typical break even point)
  5. Gross Rent Multiplier better than Average for Area
  6. 10 Year Net Equity Gain over $200,000
  7. 10 Year Net Equity Gain over $500,000
  8. 10 Year ROI better than 100%
  9. 10 Year ROI better than 200%
  10. Doubling Year under 8

You can see the SMARTiScore in action by clicking on the SMART Opportunity Analyzer© image to the left.

Very powerful tool!


We also show you comparative information so you know where your target property stands in the marketplace.

For Each Property

  1. Shows whether the property is above, below or at Median Rents for the area
  2. Shows average Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM) for the area

Find The Best

We also find Cities with the best GRM, so you know where to focus your investment search.


Time is a critical factor when dealing with investment properties. The best way to analyze your potential investment is to look a trends.

Here is an example of the type of trend data that we work with. Appreciation over time is really important to know, especially for the Area. We track property price patterns for Zip Codes in our service area, and present it for every property:

You can't get this information from the Multiple Listing Service. And we are constantly working on adding new datasets to increase the value of the information we provide.

Stay tuned!

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