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Getting started with our powerful MAP tool

Dynamic Mapping

The map feature of our SMART Residential Income Property Search Engine© dynamically shows you where all the good income properties that meet your investment criteria are.

One of the most important things you need to know as a SMART investor is what kind of Cash Flow a certain property has.

The Cash Flow Heat Map indicates:

Positive Cash Flow
Negative Cash Flow
Slightly Negative Cash Flow

We know that some investors can tolerate some negative cash flow, so we let them know where those are also, just in case it looks like a good investment for them.

Click on the map to see a live example of our Cash Flow Heat Map:

Click on any property pin to see relevant detail (Address, Cash Flow, Price, etc.), then click on the Property Id link at the bottom to see it in our SMART
Opportunity Analyzer©

SMART information in action!

Filter Power

Here's an example of the power of our SMART Residential Income Property Search Engine© filters:

Selection Parameters

  1. City: Long Beach
  2. Price: Under $1,000,000

Initial Results

  1. Properties Selected: 52
  2. Positive Cash Flow: 28

What if you want to see only those with positive cash flow?

New Results

  1. Properties Selected: 24
  2. Positive Cash Flow: 24


Additional Useful Information

Leveraging the valuable data that we constantly collect, compute and evaluate, the SMART Real Estate Investing System can show you where the best investments are by a variety of criteria.

For example, the Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM) is a measure of the effectiveness of your investment compared to the income on the property.

Here's a sample heat map of income properties by GRM:

And here's another example of income properties by Rents Per Door:

How useful is that?

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