Reasons To Invest in Real Estate

Financial Independence

Cash Flow


Principle Reduction

Tax Advantages

Easy To Get Into

Easy To Grow

College Funding

Early Retirement


Easy To Grow

Real estate investing is traditionally the best way to leverage your assets, time and involvement. Many smart investors start out with an investment single family residence, condo or duplex, then, after experiencing success with that type, continue to build on their success buying similar types of units. This creates a "money machine" effect, where you build on your strengths and experience by repeating past successes. Other smart investors like to gain traction with smaller units, then work with larger properties, such as triplexes and fourplexes, utilizing the same techniques but leveraging their base investment even more with larger properties.

Here is an example (*):
Purchase $500,000 $650,000 $800,000 $1,000,000
Initial Investment (**) $137,500 $178,750 $220,000 $275,000
GRM 20 17 14 12
Monthly Rent $2,083 $3,186 $4,762 $6,944
Monthly Expenses $625 $956 $1,429 $2,083
Monthly Net $1,458 $2,230 $3,333 $4,861
ROI 13% 15% 18% 21%
  • (*) Assumes similar construction quality, condition and neighborhood
  • (**) Including 25% Down Payment, + 1.5% Closing Costs and 1% Rehab

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