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Getting Started With Investor Clients: Introduction

Have your clients ever asked you to find a good investment for them? You probably struggled, pouring over masses of poor, confusing, inaccurate and incomplete data, and came up with something that you hoped was right for them.

There's a better way!

What We Are Trying To Accomplish

The SMART Real Estate Investing System is opening up a new way of thinking about real estate investing, by partnering with real estate agents and other real estate professionals with investor clients. We want to help both you and your clients make money through residential income properties.

We have several amazing things built into our system, like:
  1. Automatic Calculation of:
    1. Cash Flow
    2. Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM)
    3. Total Investment Amount
    4. Net Equity Gain
    5. Net Equity ROI
    6. Doubling Year
  2. Filter & Sort on Any Parameter
  3. "What If?" Analysis
  4. Cash Flow Heat Map
  5. Comparative Info:
  6. Median Rents for Area
  7. Average GRM for Area
  8. Cities with Best GRM
  9. Enter Total Investment Amount
  10. Doubling Year
  11. SMART Investor Dashboard
  12. Price Appreciation Chart
  13. Owner Occupied Calculations
These all should help you sell the credibility of the services you will be providing to your client. We will go over these and more with you using live examples, so you can communicate the strength of your service to your clients.

1-4 Market

We specialize in duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes, along with SFR income properties (a huge segment) plus condos & townhouses.

  1. They're easy to get into
  2. The lending rules are straightforward
  3. They're a great way for clients to build a real estate empire
  4. It's an underserved market
  5. There is lots of opportunity for both clients and real estate agents (see dashboard).

Getting into this niche market is a great way to expand your business.

* And remember: You should be thinking about building your own real estate empire, also.

Your Audience

  1. Existing Clients
  2. New Clients (See Marketing/Lead Generation)
Our approach works equally well for existing clients, as well as new prospects.

And remember: You should be thinking about building your own real estate empire, also.

Investor Site
We have set up a complete information site for end-investors, that helps them understand the advantages of real estate investing, as well as what to expect. Working with our team, this site can be branded to you!


Click on the link for our Step-By-Step eGuide to Working With Investor Clients, which will take you through the talking points and real examples of how we can help them invest wisely. Check it out!

We find good income properties that meet the investment needs of our clients