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Key Indicators

  1. Purchase Price

  2. Rehab Cost

  3. Exit Price

  4. Exit/Purchase Ratio

  5. Net Profit $/%

Business Flow

  1. Investor Criteria Investor Criteria
    1. Price Range
    2. Area
    3. Configuration
    4. On-/Off-Market
    5. Add Square Feet
    6. Exit to Offer Ratio
    7. Construction Estimates
    8. Net Profit Calcs

  2. Search

  3. Verification

  4. Purchase

  5. Acquisition

  6. Construction

  7. Disposition

  8. Review

Our Advantage

  1. Rapid, accurate semi-automated comps with human oversight

  2. Instant Visibility

  3. Automatic Key Indicator Calcs

Cool Things

  1. Quality Score

  2. Offer Over Asking/Still Meet Goals

  3. Price Changes

Our SMART Rehab Analyzer©
gets quality comps
and calculates accurate
After Repair Values
for any on- or off-market fixer
in under 5 minutes,
and immediately calculates
Net Profit

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