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SMART Buyer Sourcing

Our Expertise with Buyers Gives Sellers A Competitive Advantage

Financial Information

  1. Full property workup

  2. Make it attractive for buyers

  3. Expense records

  4. Schedule E

  5. Security deposit accounting


  1. We know where your buyers are coming from

  2. Predictive analytics technology to see where your buyers will be coming from

  3. CBx: Coldwell Banker's proprietary tool available exclusively to CB agents

  4. SMART Residential Income Property Search Engine

SMART Marketing

  1. SMART Listing Checklist

  2. Makes it easy for buyers/agents to see benefits of your income property

  3. Accurate Gross Scheduled Income

  4. Accurate Gross Rent Multiplier

  5. Accurate Market Rents

  6. Accurate Expense Information

  7. Custom web site per listing

  8. Marketing to specialized income property community

  9. Inclusion in "Hot Properties" lists

  10. Goal: show potential buyers the value of your investment property

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