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We have several amazing functions built into our SMART Residential Income Property Search Engine©, including:

  1. Automatic Calculation of:
    1. Cash Flow
    2. Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM)
    3. Total Investment Amount
    4. Net Equity Gain
    5. Net Equity ROI
    6. Doubling Year
  2. Filter & Sort on Any Parameter:
    1. Filter any result, to help narrow down your search
    2. Sort any column heading; shows high & low for that value (e.g., sort by largest Cash Flow)
  3. "What If?" Analysis:
    1. Change any calculation parameter
    2. For example: enter Property Management %, to check what the cash flow would be vs. self-managed
  4. Cash Flow Heat Map
    1. Shows Positive Cash Flow (green pins)
    2. Negative Cash Flow (red pins)
    3. Slightly Negative Cash Flow (up to $250 negative; orange pins)
    4. Click for all detail, links straight to the Opportunity Analyzer?
  5. Comparative Info:
    1. Median Rents for Area
    2. Average GRM for Area
    3. Cities with Best GRM
  6. Enter Total Investment Amount:
    1. Very powerful feature
    2. Ability to enter Total Available Investment Amount (including Down Payment, Closing Costs and Initial Repair Estimates)
    3. Automatically recalculates Cash Flow, GRM, Net Equity Gain/ROI and Effective Down Payment for all selected properties
    4. Allows you to see income properties that meet your investment needs that you would not otherwise be able to find, given available funds
  7. Doubling Year:
    1. Calculates the year (1-10) in which your investment will double
  8. SMART Investor Opportunity Dashboard:
    1. Area stats for all Counties and Property Types in the database
    2. Average Prices by Property Type and County
    3. Distribution of Rents by # Units
    4. Which have the best Cash Flow
    5. & lots more!
  9. Price Appreciation Graph:
    1. Shows appreciation of properties in current Zip Code for prior 7 years
    2. Past performance is no guarantee of future gains, but it's a great indicator
  10. Owner Occupied Calculations:
    1. Current Mortgage
    2. New Mortgage as Owner Occupied
    3. Mortgage Savings (% and $)

Check out our complete video that shows how our powerful search engine works:

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