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Getting Started

Investment Criteria

Determining Investment Requirements
Starting with the SMART Investor Search Criteria, the most important of which are generally:
  1. Area
  2. Price Range
  3. Down Payment
  4. Total Amount To Invest
  5. Return on Investment Goals
  6. Number of Units
  7. Owner Occupied
  8. Self-Manage or Professional Property Management

Check out our complete Step-By-Step Investor Needs Assessment guide.

Things To Be Sure to Review
  1. Area: Convenience, Appreciation, Safety
  2. Price Range: It's not really about what you can afford in terms of purchase price; it's really more important to look at Total amount to invest...
  3. 25% Down or Other: many people think you have to put down 25% on residential income properties. Sometimes you can make more money by looking at a larger investment or putting down more than 25%. We have tools that allow you to help you easily review the options by playing with the numbers; we do all the calculations for you!
  4. Total Amount To Invest (including Down Payment, Closing Costs, Up Front Repair)
  5. # Units: typically, about half of the 2-4s are duplexes in any given area
  6. Owner Occupied:
    1. Occupy now or later: sometimes a new owner wants to live in one unit right away, and sometimes they want to live in it after a few years
    2. Different set of calculations; standard Cash Flow considerations don't apply when Owner Occupied
  7. Property Management: Self-Manage or Professional
  8. CF or Appreciation, or both; what is your objective?

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