Better Real Estate Investment Decisions

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Why Invest In Real Estate?

• Financial Independence
• Diversification
• The Power of Leverage
• Relative Stability
• Tax Advantages
• Easy To Get Into & Grow
• College
• Retirement
• Legacy

Three Ways To Make Money In Real Estate

• Cash Flow
• Appreciation
• Principle Reduction

The Opportunity

• The Opportunity
• The 1-4 Market
• Success Story

Getting Started

• Investment Criteria
• Decision Points
• Lenders & More
• It's A Business
• The Closer You Get
• The Power of Leverage
• Owner Occupied
• Property Management
• SFR vs. 2-4 vs. Condos

How To

• How We Do It
• What We Do For You
• Cash Flow Calculation
• Search Engine
• Quick Calcs
• Glossary
• Professional Organizations

Successful Strategies

• Start Early/Start Small
• Cash Out Refi
• Buy All Cash...Refi Later
• Buy 1 Big or 4 Small?

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