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  1. Residential Income Properties
  2. Single Family
  3. 2-4s
  4. Automatically Calculate:
    1. Cash Flow
    2. Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM)
    3. Total Investment $
    4. Long Term Net Equity Gain
    5. Long Term ROI
  5. Comparative Info:
    1. Median Rents for Area


  1. Down Payment: 25%
  2. Interest Rate: 4.25%
  3. Years: 30
  4. Property Tax Rate: 1.25%
  5. Insurance Rate: 0.12%
  6. Reserves: $0/unit
  7. Property Management: 0%
  8. Vacancy Rate: 5%
  9. Estimated Closing Costs: 0%
  10. Estimated Repairs: 0%
  11. Opportunity Years: 10
  12. Estimated Rent/Expense Increase: 3%
  13. Appreciation: 3%


  1. Filter any parameter, to help narrow down your search results
  2. Sort any column
  3. "What If?" analysis (change any calculation)
  4. Enter Total Investment Amount:
    1. See income properties that meet your investment needs given available funds


  1. Three Ways to Make Money in Real Estate:
    1. Cash Flow accumulation
    2. Appreciation
    3. Principle Reduction
  2. What's Important to You?:
    1. Monthly Cash Flow
    2. Long Term Equity Gain
    3. ROI


  1. Los Angeles County
  2. Orange County


  1. Tools and information to help you make better residential real estate investing decisions
  2. Saves you time, effort and expense
  3. Makes it easy to find residential income properties that meet your investment needs and build your real estate empire

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