About Peter Werrenrath

Peter Werrenrath spent most of his career in information technology, specializing in project management, cost/benefit analysis, and helping businesses find strategic systems solutions to business problems.

He has been a professional real estate investor since 1999 and a licensed REALTOR® in the state of California since 2010, helping homeowners, investors and other real estate professionals realize their personal and professional goals. In 2018, he designed, edited and produced Southern California famed cartoonist Robert David Meyer's Snide & Guffaw trilogy featuring Skewered: Baked, Broiled and Rinsed in California Heights through Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

An avid photographer and videographer, Peter keeps busy both professionally and personally capturing images and video stories, posting on Facebook, YouTube and other industry channels

Peter is the author of the soon-to-be-published Christian Holst mystery/thriller novels, drawing on his many years and experience in real estate and information technology. His author page can be found at www.DarkEstate.com

He achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Astronomy at the University of Illinois in Urbana, Illinois. His interests include jazz, classical music, tech, science and detective novels.