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Data Sourcing

Listing Data & Market Property Appreciation Data
License agreement with California Regional Multiple Listing Service (CRMLS)
via SimplyRETS, Inc., an authorized CRMLS vendor (*)

Market Rent Data
Rentometer, Inc.

Rent Appreciation Data & Fair Market Value Rent Data
HUD Office of Policy Development and Research: By County or Metro Area
HUD Office of Policy Development and Research: By Zip or Metro Area

Map Data
Google Map Developer Platform

Interest Rate
Courtesy of Essex Mortgage
Your rate may vary. Check with your lender for current rates, qualifications and restrictions.

(*) Listings on the SMART Real Estate Investing System may not exactly match MLS data. Every attempt is made to maintain accuracy and continuity. Due to vendor restrictions, practices and algorithmic anomalies, some data may be missing or different. Please contact us to answer any specific data questions.

Data Exceptions

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